Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Junk Mail Meandering

This ad came in yesterday's pile o' junk mail:

Okay, is it *just* me, or is this WRONG on so many levels??

I understand the doggie sweater thing, I suppose. I can even understand little doggie Halloween costumes.

Owners who tote wee tiny dogs into the grocery while wearing matching attire, much less so...but so long as they aren't infecting my purchases, who am I to say? (Heck, I'll even admit that my kids are probably of more concern sometimes, LOL!)

But a dog in faux fur??? And faux fur that even looks like the boots my teenager "just had to have" this winter. (Well, the ad *does* say it's stylish!) And the coolest part? The collar turns up OR down. WOW! Who designs these things?
--fade to Runway Interview---
Fashionista Guru: So, Diesel Guytan now that you've just won the Runway's Best Competition and you're an honors graduate of one of the top fashion design institutes in America...what's next??
Diesel Guytan: Well, Bob, I'll be designing a line of fashion wear for dogs. I think it's a largely untapped market, especially in the area of faux furs.
Fashionista Guru: Wow. Well, we'll look for your designs in our weekly junk mail flyers.
---back to blog---
What self-respecting dog would want to wear a faux animal coat--especially if you are say, a herding breed? Can you imagine the confusion on a border collie??

I think I'll get my goldfish a faux eelskin handbag...