Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mixing it Up

As I sit at my desk working on charts and graphs and formulas and even more formulas, I'm pondering my snack food of choice today. Which begs the question:

Have I mentioned that I really don't like those little toasty things in Chex Mix? LOVE the rest of the stuff, really I do. But I can't stand those round toasty things-white or rye! *sigh* I mean, who thought of those things in the first place??? Have you EVER seen loaves of bread that size that just needed to be sliced?? Are they rejects from the crouton factory? Refugees from the salad bar? What is the real name for them? Chex, I get. Pretzels I get. Cracker bar bits, I get. Weird mini-toasts...from where?? Suggestions for a better name?

And WHY do I feel compelled, as a full-grown adult, to eat them rather than picking them out of my handful? Isn't semi-picky eating a perk of adulthood? But NO...rules oriented mommy that I am, I can't bring myself to just toss 'em. I'd save them and give 'em to someone who likes them, but I've never met such a person. Apparently their sole purpose in life is being the snack food alarm in Chex Mix. Chew one of those babies and EVERY one knows you're snacking. Three cubbies away, they can hear me chomping on my mid-afternoon snack. Have you ever tried chewing them quietly? And I'm sure my dentist has a love-hate relationship with this particular snack food! ;-)

I feel better now that I have that off my chest.


jblieu said...

If you pick out one item and make a big pile on your desk to throw away you will feel as though you have cut your calorie intake in half and then it is OK to finish the entire bag.
I like those crunchy bread loaf things (possibly rye crisps?) My favorite mix is the chocolate one. I pick out all the pretzels - and throw them away.

Shasta said...

I have to agree with you. I don't like those "rye crisps" as jblieu put it. They're hard as a rock and just not enjoyable to me. My favorite part of chex mix is the bread stick things and my favorite type is my mom's homemade chex mix!!! Haven't had that in years and years and years :(

The things that distract our minds. Doesn't it almost always come down to food being the distraction?

momahall said...

I love those things! I know them as melba toast. My dad bought a bag of them the last time they were down from NY and they were bagel chips. I agree with the dentist part though. I use to have dreams of my teeth falling out in big chunks...sections. That quit happening once I finally did break a tooth on those big pretzels.