Saturday, March 8, 2008

AAARRRGGGHH I'm 183 pages into a *gripping* Patricia Cornwell novel...fairly new one, too!!...and I flip the page.

Next page doesn't make sense, so I double & triple check, thinking I've turned an extra page or two. Um, no. Instead of my page 184, I've got page 252.

Now, I'm not much for math, but I'm pretty sure that 252 DOES NOT come after 183. Pretty darned sure.

I've flipped through the rest of the book. Pages are still not there. *sigh*

So now it's after midnight, I'm missing pages, and so annoyed I can't sleep. AAARRGGGHHH. Maybe I can find the receipt and get a new copy.

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Shasta said... didn't get ahold of it did they?