Friday, May 16, 2008


Just popped back into my hotel room after sitting on a beautiful white sand beach. Am in Clearwater, FL for a conference this week. While I have missed my family dreadfully, I am appreciating this time away to re-energize, to recharge to restore my being with the sounds of the ocean. This week, I've been realizing how much growing up close to the beach fed my soul...helped make me who I am. Helped shape my awe at the God we love and strive to serve. Two nights ago, I bobbed in the waves at sunset and just revelled in all that we've been given. You HAVE to know there is a loving God, Universal Designer...One after our own hearts, Giver of life and this Earth. How could you walk through even a small bit of this world and not? Think about it...
  • He could have made the sun just revolve around the Earth, night into day, day into night--with NO fanfare, no spectacle, no brilliant shades of pink & blue.
  • He could have made evergreens and said "This is a TREE" and it could have been the only kind of tree--no oaks, no maples, no elms, no dogwoods bursting into bloom.
  • He could have made daisies and said "These are FLOWERS." No fragrant roses, no lilacs, no lavender. Or maybe made only one color of each....
  • He could have made dachshunds and said "This is DOG."
Get my point? Which is that HE DIDN'T. He made our world in wondrous variety, amazing species, sights and features, and then populated our world with an amazingly similar variety of people.
WOW! How cool is that???
Thank you, God for the wonder that is the world around us. For the endless variety of all that dwells here with us...


jblieu said...

Your on a beach by yourself. With actual sun? (green...with...envy...)
That wasn't quite the point was it :)?
Here is an "amen" to the thanks for the wonder that is all around.

Shasta said...

Awesome! I fathom at His creation! Everyday I drive to work and from work I open my windows and shut the radio off when I get near the rivers. I love the sound of water rushing, running, crashing. He could have made sound and sight the same, colorless and one tone but He didn't!!! Have a safe flight home. I'm so glad you got re-energized because the kidlets have been missing you!!