Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm conflicted today.

I WANT to be hopeful, happy and confident; I do NOT want to this election's results to become bitterness festering & wreaking havoc in my soul.

But what I am is shocked, disappointed and amazed.

What was SO clear to me evidently wasn't to so many.

Hopefully, the my usual optimism will return to me when the shock wears off.

Now, I'm not buying this "mandate from the people" thing, though, since the popular vote was fairly close. But, I will buck up and handle things as they come....eventually.

Thank God that my hope is in HIM and not in some human being. On the radio this morning, the DJ offered up this quote: "Hope is FAITH holding out it's hand in the darkness."

Today, I think I'll take a little time to grieve....and pray.

Thank you, God, for keeping this country always in the palm of Your mighty hand. Thank you that, although we can't see or know the future, You do and that You are ever in control. Amen & Allelujah.

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Shasta said...

I knew last night going to bed what the outcome was going to be but for a devine reason I am content and at peace.

God knew how the election was going to turn out so I can only pray for the leaders who will be put in charge again and give them all the strength in that area I can. The road ahead is always an unknown, but with God walking with us we can get through the pot holes and around the sharp curves.

I do agree with you on the hope thing. I have said since the whole campaign started that I have hope. Hope in God and that is all I need.