Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Facebook Rant

Okay, so I signed up for a Facebook account because one of my beloved friends has started posting her family photos on Facebook instead of the photo site she used to use. No worries, right? It's free, it's pretty easy...WRONG!

Darling beloved friends who use Facebook to contact me, don't take this the wrong way, but please take note of the following:
  • My *real life* garden is dying. Corn on the cob is turning to popped, tomatoes going unpicked and only God knows what's happening to my carrots & peas. DO NOT send me virtual plants for my virtual garden. Online plants only serve to stress me out as I gaze out upon the withering brown stuff that was once a lovely dream of fresh veggies for my family.
  • Please don't poke me. Don't super poke me. I'm not even sure what the point of it is! And, since I'm not home and/or logged into Facebook during the day, I WILL NOT POKE YOU BACK!!
  • I like the spur of the moment pillow fight as much as the next person (maybe even more!), but I am now moving about in a virtual cloud of white feathers and am completely unable to return fire.
  • When I need a beverage--of ANY sort--I'll head to my fridge. While the icons are cute, I have to confess that I'm not much for pomegranate-licorice-watermelon coolers. How 'bout we get together for coffee or happy hour instead? OR...feel free to send a 6-pack of Diet Coke my way, if you prefer!
Thank you for your patience and understanding while I use Facebook for only a smallish portion of it's possibilities...


Shasta said...


hehehe...I couldn't resist especially since that is one of Katie's favorite games.


jblieu said...

I don't know what I am supposed to do with my stupid facebook account - but if I can find you we can play scramble (like Boggle) which I am totally addicted to and cant find anyone to play :(