Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was going to post a few recent vents, but today is not the day for that, so I will join the ranks of so many who consider the weight of today and feel compelled to share. Today I was tempted to stay home, staggering under the enormity of the meaning of today, curled up with myself and murmuring to my God...but that would give our enemies just one more small victory. So today, I push onward, dressing my children in the colors of our country's flag and remind them that today is an important day in our country's history. They are mostly too young to know why...Matthew was 15 months old, Ben in utero and Abbey just a plan in God's hands. So I try to tell them:

Today is a day for remembering those who perished 7 years ago, on a brilliantly blue-skied sunny Friday morning.

Today is a day to mourn the loss of more than 3000 souls, most with nothing more in common than a date on a death certificate…terrorism crossed all outward, man-made boundaries that day in an act of complete and total non-discrimination.

Today is a day to set aside those artificial boundaries ourselves and remember together…and hold fast to the bond we felt as a stricken nation.

Today is a day to remember that we are all one nation under God.

Today is a day to pray.

Today is a day for wearing red for valor, blue for vigilance and white for truth and grace.

Today is a day to thank a soldier.

God Bless America.

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