Monday, July 25, 2011

While Mommy Creates...

The Zoo Crew crafts right alongside me....

How I love sharing crafting time with the beasties!  Patrick likes to do things on a grand scale, thus the poster board cards.  The best part of this project was the caption he put on the picture of Daddy..."You take that picture and you're dead meat!"  Almost verbatim a quote from Dad when he saw me taking pics for the blog, LOL!

Ben is all dialed up on techniques and how to get the best detail in his designs--and he's not afraid of mixed media and 3D.  His most amazing creation used 100 bright red plastic cups and army men...sadly, no photo exists of THAT lovely item. Oh...and he wanted me to take it to work for my desk!
Abbey digs the bling & the bright colors--she is the queen of more, MORE, MORE!!  is better.  (hmmmm...wonder where she gets that from?) Matthew is more of a straight-line guy...and he prefers to work in pencil and monotones.

Katie has moved away from paper crafting and is loving her ceramics classes at school; she's made some wonderful animals...including a purple porcupine with hand sculpted quills!!

We have fun planning "projects" for our company, too.  For the Fourth of July, Abbey and I chose some cool summery paper palates and set up a card-making session for the Pigg-Kabrick ladies:

I'm glad these guys share my love of crafting!


2amscrapper said...

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Marjie Kemper said...

I can feel myself there with the zoo crew and appreciate everyone's personal crafting style. Great post and pics.