Monday, May 2, 2011

Praiseworthy Performance: Shout out to Scotch / 3M

A little overdue, but I need to let y'all know about some excellent customer service I received recently.

Back in March, I used my 50% off bonus coupon at Michael's to purchase the wonderful Advanced Tape Glider (ATG for short); even found one in pink! Bought an extra box of refills so I was well-stocked for my scrapbooking weekend with Steph. Loaded up my ATG with the tape glue and headed off to Pennsylvania.  No problems....fell in LOVE with my new toy, um, TOOL.  Until I tried to refill it....I just could NOT get that  glue to come out the right way.  I followed the diagrams and everything.  One benefit of being in a room with 150 other scrapbookers is the readily available wealth of expertise & know-how.  The general consensus was "Hey, something is NOT right with this refill roll!"

At the suggestion of one of my fellow croppers, once I was back at home, I let my keyboard do the surfing on over to the Scotch / 3M website.  I contacted customer service and explained my challenge with the refill.  Have to admit that I wasn't overly optimistic at first (okay, so I got a little huffy) when their initial response was "did you read the directions on how to reload?" and "please mail us the defective roll so we can consider the issue."  (Good thing I had kept it!) They did agree to send a label & envelope, so I felt a *little* better.

Imagine my excitement when the package with the pre-addressed, postage paid envelope ALSO included not one, but FOUR refill rolls!!!!  I would have been happy if they had just replaced the wonky roll, but they went above & beyond to make sure that I was happy.

It worked.

YAY Scotch & 3M!!  


Marjie K said...

Excellent customer service! Good shout out to them.

StampDancer said...

That's great! I think it is important to honor vendors who help us. I've been pleased with a few of them recently and have put that into some of my posts.
Glad you were more than compensated for the bother.